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This is the necessary bureaucratic bit. The book Pushing the Boundaries is written as a factual account of Rita’s and my experiences of stroke over a period of around six years, from my point of view as a full-time but amateur carer.  It also includes deductions that I believe can reasonably be made from our experiences.  It is important to note that I have no medical qualifications and no formal medical training. What I know about stroke is through much experience and what I have picked up as I went along.  The book is written with the best of intentions, but it is important that readers note and accept the following:


Disclaimer: The content of the book Pushing the Boundaries is a factual account of how one survivor of a life threatening stroke, Rita, made an almost full recovery from multiple physical and cognitive disabilities caused by that stroke.  It must be understood that the book is written by a family carer with no medical training and no previous experience of stroke or of caring for disability.  No guarantee can be assumed that treatment, claimed to have been beneficial for Rita, will have the same beneficial effect on any other survivor.  Nor that reasons given for Rita’s success in overcoming her disabilities will necessarily apply to other stroke survivors.  All survivors of strokes should rely on specialist professional advice from their own GP and consultants.  No liability can be accepted for loss or expense incurred as a result of relying on any statements made on this website or in the book Pushing the Boundaries, A Personal Account of Recovery from Stroke.


David Guthrie