Thoughts about stroke

Pushing the Boundaries took several years to write, including a couple of re-writes made necessary by Rita’s unexpectedly complete recovery from her stroke. This of course made the story steadily more interesting and suggested implications relating to the optimum practices for treating badly disabled stroke survivors.

But one has to stop some time. I drew a line under it in early 2017 and sent a rather large Word document to York Publishing Services to make use of their expertise in translating a digital file into a published book.

Of course ideas kept coming in, including improvements I could have made to the text, but now too late to do so. This website makes a convenient way to update the book, bring in new ideas and re-write parts that could have been better expressed. Here are the first additions; two or three will be added each month and I already have material for about a year’s worth.

Please let me know your own thoughts and I will include them when I can. That includes anything suited to the News and Discussion pages too!


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