05 David reports that Rita and he have been followed

Trevor and Janet from south London saw the Sunday Telegraph article, and arranged to meet Rita and me for a question and answer session. Janet had suffered a bad stroke two years previously and Trevor was finding it increasingly difficult to cope with the situation, especially as little improvement in the future was foreseeable. They decided to follow us and go to Cape Town.

No time was wasted – a few weeks later they flew there, having arranged accommodation just outside Fish Hoek. The first message from them said they had been made very welcome; had already had two sessions with the OT which were rather challenging for Janet, but re-enforced by her excellent carers and they had been made welcome into the local Anglican church.

This is a quote from the next message received three and a half weeks after their arrival in South Africa;

“It's Sunday afternoon here and only an hour ago I was waxing lyrical to one of Janet's carers about the absence of any constructive help for Janet in the UK before we left, compared with the real progress which she has made since we arrived here. We are so comfortable here, both with the personal contacts we have made and more importantly with the noticeable progress Janet is making with the help of an excellent Occupational Therapist, and an excellent Physical/Hydrotherapist and day to day carers are all making a contribution to her condition.”

When Janet arrived in South Africa in October she had great difficulty walking.  Eight weeks later we were sent a short video showing her standing erect and walking, albeit slowly, with just her hand on Trevor's arm for balance.  That showed a huge advance; her daughters in the UK are thrilled. 

After around three months in South Africa Janet suffered complications from health issues unrelated to stroke rehabilitation and her progress was set back, but later resumed.  The most recent message we received was that they liked the environment - and the service from therapists and carers - so much that they are actively negotiating purchase of a retirement property near Fish Hoek and planning to move permanently to the South Peninsula district, south of Cape Town.