The book Pushing the Boundaries tells the story of how just one person, Rita my wife, made an unusual and pretty well complete recovery following a life-threatening stroke. This was accomplished by the good fortune of finding near Cape Town, South Africa, a straight-forward, easily managed, economical and effective rehabilitation programme. A programme such as this could be set up almost anywhere, really. It would be most interesting to hear comments from readers about Rita’s treatment, with comparisons to any different experiences and successes they have had in achieving stroke recovery.

Stroke is an unusual type of injury in causing such a wide range of disability problems, such that each survivor ideally needs to be treated using a programme specific to their particular disabilities. As a result, other survivors must have had very different stories from those Rita and I experienced and which are recorded in the book. If any survivors or carers would like to share their experiences, please use the adjoining form. I will publish as many as I can. Please remember! The purpose of this website is to find ways of recovering from stroke disabilities, so ideas that have proved successful, and positive stories, are especially welcome.

David Guthrie

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